Europe Tour Photo Journal 2013

So much build up to this trip.  I could never really figure out how to deal with it. I mean, of course I was excited, it has been my dream as far back as I can remember. To tour the world and play music that was special to me.  The waiting was killing me.  All of us I think.  A lot of depression and abuse leading up to it.  Then one day, it was here.  And we left for what would be the greatest time of our lives.

march 3rd. london
  I'm going to use some actual entries from my tour journal once in a while.
"It's real, we're really here.  Two planes and one bus in but we've made it. No phone, little money, just a camera and a skateboard. oh, and the RAT. This is going to be good, I can just feel it."
even in the first day, i knew these people would become some of our best friends.
We spent the night laughing, drinking, getting to know each other, and  being exposed to the Jean Claude Van Damme coors light commercials they have in the UK.
things are good.

-march 4th-
In the morning Madison and I went to the skate park down the road, and the park.

New Cross Inn
the first show was great, just not to my body. Was not ready for it at all, i think there is a video of it, and im pretty sure i just lay on the ground after the set.  It always takes a few days to get in the swing, i was just really happy with how amazing LICH and SKYLARK were. 
march 5th
also, LICH loves hacky sack. We all had fun playing almost everyday, but i was also happy about getting my favorite pictures of Oli while losing hack after hack in some bushes. 
and the most packed van i think ive ever seen.
march 6th
this is a Lemmy burger with Jack Daniels mustard...i ate it before i played...yep
Didnt take many photos that night, the show was with MOLOCH, so i was busy watching them, and digesting a cinder block.
It was raining, and beautiful.
later...i fell down this stair set
march 7th
Edinburgh, Scotland
inside the Banshees Labyrinth

note:im trying to put more of my actual journal entries in. But i tend to spew a lot of hate while writing, so it may be a lot less than i originally thought.
after the show

Tea, and smoke, and a Scottish shower that seemed to be operated by some sort of throttle system.
march 8th
morning in Scotland
Through a tunnel for a look out over the North Sea...

Equal fest
this place was amazing. we spent most of the time in the library, and the bar, pissing punks off by controlling the jukebox. 
"what a good show."
march 9th
this is a pub...
this was the day we found out it was legal to drink while riding in the van...
didnt take pictures of the show that day in MARGATE. Played the Needle and the damage done. 
march 10th
Paris, France
the trip over, hack attack.
"getting into paris was insane, it feels like NYC. Two dudes jumped on the van and started washing windows.  All 9of us kept yelling no, and when Robbo tried to reason with the guy, saying he only had 2quid    
and no Euros, the fellow saw some chips we had on the dash and just started screaming "CHIIIIPPPSSS!" Robbo threw the chips at him "take the fahcking chips mate"
this ended up being the longest going tour joke.

getting in to paris, we didnt really know what to do, i wandered over to a church, and ended up going back to bring madi, oli, steve and robbo to it.
and then..
show at Cafe de la Paris
didnt take pictures.
thats probably going to keep happening during this journaly, thing.
march 11th
Toulouse, France
this is where we played/stayed
show quote of the night..
"im sorry, but uhh, i dropped myself onto your drumset. I forgot they were not ours."
sigh, guns and roses fans just cant be trusted...
journal quote-"i  still cant believe im here"
march 12th
Madrid, Spain
these photos were taken on the way to Madrid. I would have taken photos at the show, but the Policia fucked it all up, so we all played for 10mins.
march 13th
Torello, Spain
march 14th
back to France
The Jolly Roger
we drove 2 hours after the show to our place to sleep. and woke up to this.
march 15th
morning in Monaco
this place is not for punks...
and then our journey into Italy 

the 7 note
march 16th
Zagreb, Croatia
"crossing two borders today, Slovenia and Croatia.  It was rather easy. Just opened the back for the cop and our bags just started falling out, so he just said fuck it and let us go.
"there seems to be animals all over this city, just, everywhere."
The show was good, check out 'Deer in the Headlights"

march 17th
Vienna, Austria
"this place is BEAST, 7 stories, 2 venues, a giant metal fly that moves and breathes fire? Practice spaces, recording studio, metal shop and a sick gym that i was bummed we didnt get to play around in"
lots of other stuff to, that im not sure im allowed to talk about. 
Tonight was the first night we finally all got to play WEREWOLF 

This was and will be one of the coolest places to play, or be, of all time.
"i love them"
march 18th
Prague, Czech Republic 
"Best breakfast EVER. Mock duck?! WHA? "
"On our way through the Czech border...a snowy, shitty, monday. While passing through a cop turns around and waves us off to the side. Ended up weighing the van, and claiming we were over weight. super sketchy. He wants us to pay him 300Euros to get into the country...fuck this cop. Robbo put it on his card, and we got a half hand written receipt.
F U C K B O R D E R S."
 "Our 2 hour drive turned into 6 1/2...thanks snow, you follow me everywhere i go."

the window above where i slept...
after a night of burning the clutch, and running from drunk punks.
oh yeah, and Chris AKA Jeb Dawg, somehow got beat the fuck up by a dinner table in Austria...
back in the van..
march 19th
Erlangen, Germany missing a folder. maybe i will find it and fix this later...
march 20th
Antwerp, Belgium 
"hungover, ugh, feel ok though. Im pretty sure Euro Breakfast saves lives."

stuck in a 2 hour traffic jam...

"oliboi is my twin, im convinced"
We'll have no trouble here!

march 21st
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
This place was amazing, one of the best times on tour for sure, we met Resurrectionists, and Jarvin(aka DJ arvin aka best dude ever)
this was the first thing i saw when we got into the city...
followed by...
I didnt take like, any pictures while i was here because i was having way too much fun.  The show was amazing, just hanging out with everyone. One of the last days with LICH, so we made sure to make it count. Not to mention super silver haze in the air.
Karaoke videos will surface soon...
Coal chamber, SEAL, smashing pumpkins, Bush. 
followed by possibly the best game of werewolf ever, in the cafe, only in candlelight, with 14 or so people.
Where drin and jeb sent the town into a bloody frenzy

march 22nd
Munster, Germany
"last day with the LICH bummed. Jarvin made us this giant, 3 layer, cake..thing for breakfast.  Its no wonder the kid has so much energy."

note: need to find the pictures of this day.
Mourning, SADRAVE
the saddest yet best breakfast of all time

"leaving lich is for sure, one of the saddest moments of a tour, ever.  Words can not describe how much I will miss them, the friends ive always wanted.  And they certainly won't explain how much weve all grown to love them."
   "how can i be so lucky, to share these amazing times, with the most amazing people. Sometimes, I just dont get it."
this day...i cried very real tears.  We all did.
Hamburg, Germany
first day with just the Resurrectionists.

Outside the Squat, filled with snow, and glass...

i still happy..
as im reading through my journal, this days entry is far to sad to quote...
-march 24th
Kolding, Denmark

 we did play basketball, and Lars fucking stomped us. and can also make insane trick shots...

"we wake up at 5am and drive to Sweeeeden. phatrave."
Borlänge, Sweden
march 25th
"woke up with Bjorn, while we could only see water surrounding us from every direction.  And a field of wind turbines lurking in the sea. maybe 60 of them."
drifted off to sleep after that...

 We stayed in a school house...and it fucking ruled.

march 26th
Stockholm, Sweden
we went to the most lovely vegan place for breakfast, and im pretty sure the woman working was a real life angel.

we went to the "best" water park in Sweden.
most fun ever

 everything i write in my journal about the shows, is just too harsh to put on here. getting lazy anyway.
show was good

Oslo, Norway

missing a lot of pictures from norway, will fix soon...
as if anyone is going to look at this
stupid blog.
Jojo-"your nose is really broken?"
"later, i will give you Eskimo kiss...with my penis."
after the show, the most adorable 17year old kid asked me to come jam with him, in the cellar of the squat.  Weird, he reminded me of my little brother, if he were punk as fuck.
Snorre, myself, Jojo, madi, rorik, and Nils all jammed, and made up bands all night.
and it was more fun than some of the shows.
best time ever.
danced to the smiths afterwards, then went to sleep in what was apparently the first Feminist radio station.
march. 28th
Gothenburg, Sweden

"americans are awful influences..."
march 29th
the trip over the sea, into denmark
show: Aaleorg, Demark

-write about this-

Bjorn and i walked around and took most of these pictures of the city.
-write more-
March 30th
Bremen, Germany
tour tattoos!!!
Rough day, really good show, i just had a shit day.  Can't have every day on tour go your way i suppose.
not many photos
                                        morning...the nils collection...

march 31st
Mulheim, Germany
last day with Resurrectionists...

"loaded in right away, place looked sick, i saw a skate bank in the corner, and got stoked just to have something to skate.  After loading in, i was walking around and pull this giant black curtain back. To reveal tons of movable ramps. PHATRAVE. Bjorn helped me move some around, and I finally got to skate. made me feel SOO MUCH BETTER."
"RICARDO, a young, old school skating kid showed up and we skated for a while. I got carried away and broke my board. And Ricardo gave me a new one, took my old one to make necklaces out of it.
kid fucking rules"

"Resurrectionists were fucking mind blowing. I don't even know how to describe. Best set i saw the whole tour. PERIOD.  It made us play way more intensely.  Lars started a circle pit! FINALLY!
Lars=punk rock"
"we were all on the verge of tears, i love being able to grow close with all of these fucking amazing human beings. How can i be this lucky?"
"after group photos, tons of hugs, so sad.. kissing Jojo in front of his girlfriend who I had not met.  We got back in the van, just the rat, and our ultimate german punk rock parents.  We looked through all roriks pictures, and fell asleep in the back, all three of us, just holding each other.  As silly as it sounds, it was really beautiful."
"i really do love my band"
April 1st
Gronigen, The Netherlands

"the kids are coming with us for the rest of the tour, and im actually really excited!."
"its almost over, im almost home, its fucking insane, and i dont know what to feel."

within the first 15 mins with the kids in the van
i thought Lars was going to run us off the road.

"I love the Netherlands.  The venue is amazing. Cave bar, huge concert room that just had a Mad Max themed dance party.  EVERYONE has played here, its insane. Nirvana, Neil Young, Godspeed, bad brains, just fucking everyone. way too many to write down.  We took an elevator up and have our own little suites. shit is amazing. we walked in and just started laughing at the clean towels and things set on our own beds with clean bedding. haha"

 first day that cloud rat was alone.
we all drank to much
and ended up with some pictures in our room that i should post on here.
April 2nd
Berlin, Germany

didnt really take pictures for some reason.
and my journal doesnt have anything that nice to take.
one of those days I guess.
April 3rd
Warsaw, Poland
photos lost?
April 4th
Wrowclaw, Poland


note:Republic of dreams fucking rule
April 5th

Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

show was weird.
peter is the worst.
pap and I got drunk and lost till 5am
good times.
April 6th

Next day, Bone Church


April 6th
Leipzig, Germany
pictures lost
will find
April 7th
pictures lost
will find
April 8th
Last day in Europe

will write about soon
April 9th
"Its 3am, Lars is already blasting metal.  On our way to the airport."
we all cried on the plane.
"Brutal long flight, but we are all pretty happy.  I truly love my band, my best friends that i get to share these times with.  I couldnt be happier with how im spending my life.

no pictures
empty journal
we made it.
we survived.


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