Its been a long time.

woah. Long time no see internet.
Broadcasting VIA CLoud Rat Tour

I have not put anything up here in over a year. I have plenty of projects and art and stories but for whatever reason I just stopped caring about having it out there. Maybe I thought no one was looking anyway.
Not sure.

Regardless, I am nearing the end of a Cloud Rat tour. Its been so amazing, like all our tours seems to be. We have been out for 16 days think. 6 days with THOU, and FALSE. If you dont know those bands, please go find them, listen, or watch. Its being with inspiring musicians/people like this that keeps me going. Maybe i will write a tour log when i get home. Or at least photos and funny stories. I dont know.

Anyway, im typing in a dark room with a sleeping sock and snoring Rorik.

I think im going to start using this again, even if I am correct in thinking no one knows, looks, or cares what I put here.

Im going to try to post all the things that have came to be in the past year on my somewhat sad and unwanted return to Michigan. My home.

SAWTOOTH- Mountainless Vol.2
SAWTOOTH- Bunk beds EP
and a new one in the works. With words?

Old Soul- Natures arms encircle all... (part one of two)
link for now
Old soul- ...who are willing to draw close (part two of two)
to be recorded in the following winter months.
Also old soul- Rotten Hills LP, in the works, as well as another full length.

Cloud rat is always doing tons of shit.
Too much to put in this update post that is becoming too long.
will do a big Rat post in later days.
link for rat, for now

I WILL put the quietus EP up here when i get home. Its been covered in dust for far too long. I miss it.

What else...random art projects, thoughts, photos, writtings, skate stuff, all that shit. Im sure there are plenty of things i can dig out. Maybe put some lost arts up here. Vault fifteen. I miss that too.

I must keep close to these things I love, or I will end up staying miserable.
These are the things that keep me alive.

will be back in a couple days.