Videos that are about music.(tbtmtb, old soul, sawtooth)

These are the little videos I put together.  I think i may keep doing one, for every song.  I'm not sure.  Let me know if you like them, and I will do more.


sawtooth - crystal mountain music video


The Breath that Moves the Branches

Our new project is ready.  
Recorded in three days
'The Breath that Moves the Branches'
 is something we have both been waiting to do for years.


  It's finally done, put together, and streaming.
                                              stream the whole record at Dogknights bandcamp



Skate clips

also working on a full park edit of just me, been filming for it for the last couple weeks.

and. This is the Wonder that's Keeping the Stars Apart

我的大脑是最好的姿态小于 你的眼皮扑

New track with My dear friend, Casey Donald Snyder on banjo.
i guess this project is actually becoming something.

the best gesture of my brain is less than your eyelids' flutter

我的大脑是最好的姿态小于 你的眼皮扑

this is a piece that has sort of been in the works for years.  Recently recorded, piano, guitar, synths and samples all by me.

For the people that are gone, who I no longer miss.

And for the person, 
i do miss...
who inspired me to finally do something with this.