Musical Releases

                                                      Old Soul // Lentic Waters - split 12"
     Released on Zegema Beach Records, Maniyax Records, IFB Records and Dingleberry Records
                                                                  Stream via ZBR

                                                        Old Soul / ██████  - Split 12"


Zegema Beach Records
IFB Records
Dingleberry Records and Distribution
Maniyax Records
Pike Records
Mosh Potatoes
Suspended Soul Records
released 01 June 2014


                                       The Breath That Moves The Branches - JUN 59   [EP]

                                                      SAWTOOTH X WATERMOUTH
                                                               (collaboration record.)
                                                               Listen//DL//Get Faded

                                                       Cloud Rat - Blind River (comp)
 Tracks 1 - 4 are from Split 7" w/ Orgullo Primitivo (2014)
Track 1 also appears on No Compromise (Earth First! CD Compilation, 2013)
Track 5 is from Monomaniac Volume One (7" Compilation, 2012)
Tracks 6 - 12 are from Split LP w/ Republic Of Dreams (2012)

                                                   Cloud Rat // Orgullo Primitivo Split 7"



                                         Drinji Ikari {sawtooth} // Gilt {vorevore}  Split EP

                                            Soundcloud album preview



                                         The Breath that Moves the Branches - Dire Winter


                                                      Sawtooth - MTN LESS VOL. IV
                                                                         Free DL

                                      Drinji Ikari (sawtooth) - EMEIGHTYTHREE remixtape
                                                                    Full album here

Full DL

The Breath that Moves the Branches - S/T
 Full album streaming at Bandcamp

Old Soul - Tidal Lock


SaWTooTh - Follow the Map

                                                                 Cloud Rat - Moksha LP
                                                                Halo of Flies, IFB- (US)
                                                       React with Protest, 7 degrees (EU)

Old Soul- who are willing to draw close LP
                                                             IFB- Eastrain- Dingleberry

Cloud Rat // Republic of Dreams split LP
    Released 2012 
IFB, React With Protest, Moment of Collapse, and Fifty Year Storm records

Found Letters - Columns
Thomas Oakley and Adrian Manges
also  w/Steven hunt and Madison Marshall
released 2012

Found Letters- S/T
Thomas Oakley and Adrian Manges
released 2012

SAWTOOTH- mountainless VOL.3
Released 2012

Cloud Rat // Xtra Vomit split LP
Released 2012, IFB

Old Soul - Who are willing to draw close (cd) pt 2 of 2
Released 2012// recorded at Bright Black Earth

Cloud Rat-Fever Dreams
2011, Grindcore Karaoke Digital Release
Tracks 1-7 from three-way split LP w/ Oily Menace & Wolbachia.
Tracks 8 and 9 from split 7" w/ Autarkeia.
Tracks 10-18 from split LP & cassette w/ Xtra Vomit 

Cloud Rat//Autarkeia Split 7''
2011 IFB

Cloud Rat//The Oily Menace//Wolbachia split LP
Released 2011 by IFB records and Blackhouse records

released 2011

Old Soul - Natures Arms Encircle All (CD) part 1 of 2
Released 2011

SAWTOOTH- mountainless VOL.2 (CD)
Released 2010
 DL here or email  for the CD

Cloud Rat//Xtra Vomit split cassette
Released 2010 by Life Like
out of print

SawTooth - Xtra Vomit inebriation tape fuck up
Released 2010
out of print

Quietus - Disconnected from place

Cloud Rat - S/T (LP)
LP released 2010 by IFB records, Midwestern Decline, otherwise dead records.

SawTooth- Mountainless VOL 1. (hoder)
Released 2009
out of print

:Capacitor: - Days of Fail
Recorded sometime in winter, 2008, in the woods with some old guy
out of print, as in, the 30 or so copies are gone

Matt Hebert-Vocals
Colin Hodo-Drums
Adrian Manges-Guitar

Recorded 2007
out of print

Vault Fifteen - live
 recorded at the daycare, 2007
 long gone, along with all the other early Vault recordings

             REJIIEM-The Eric Clapton Murders E.P
 Recorded 2007
 Never Released


Jeremy Gee-Guitar Vocals

                                                    recorded in the 408 basement in 2006, ish
 certainly never released

 violent shit ep   
                   16 year olds playing awful, awful grind. still cracks me up to this day
           its so awful in fact, that i was never going to upload it.
   in the best way possible
    recorded in the 408 basement

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