grim wilkins + old soul live

Art by grim wilkins, who was kind enough to do old soul's album art for both pieces of
  'natures arms encirlce all, who are willing to draw close'

please check out his stuff, it is truly amazing.

Finally got ahold of the only Old Soul footage ever taken( as far as i know )
real gritty and raw, just how it should be.

Crater+twin-storage unit #19-3-7-12-FL

clouds of the storm of the...rat

came across this split set video. last songs. too fucking funny. rat storm is amazing. cloud rat is funny. best set ender ever. p.s.p.s i lovelove djdj brandonbrandon hillhill

Improv Old Soul Song

Rat Attack

Cloud Rat Update
We recorded the music for 3 new records about a month ago with the all mighty kevkitch. Working on vocals/mixing now.

To be released...
Cloud Rat- Moksha (Full length 12" LP)
Cloud Rat/Orgullo primitivo (split 7") Orgullo Primitivo is a one man, drum and vocal, fucking, sight to see. Check him out.
Cloud Rat/Republic of Dreams (split 12").......they are suuuuper sick.
We are also going to be on a 7" Compilation EP series out of Greece.

Lots of stuff
Oh yeah, and we are going to Europe.
Some other tours too, westcoast and canada forsure.


Random skateboarding post

January Clip????? Behind some mostly burnt to shit log cabin, clair. SO here is a video shot in clair 4 years ago or something staring casums and hanson. and, some guy.