doesn't get much better.
I would live in NOLA

new 'musical releases' section

Up top. I did as much as i could, there is a few I could not get a hold of, and a few that I thought would be better left, forgotten.  Will be fixing it up with download links for all soon.


cloud rat videos

people sure do film us a lot. Never seen these before.

musk(what a fucking good show)

everything is bigger in texas, including bass drums.

other 3 parts to this up there somwheres

Algonquin for "the good of the land"

possibly my favorite CR video, based only on my outstanding love for the ellis brothers(in front, rocking harder than any)


Hungry Moths

I started making hungry moths tracks with Madison. Sad, folkish acoustic stuff.  We will be making a lot more. I really like it. SO in case anyone thought I wasnt apart of as many musical projects as I should be, heres another for the list. Really, i'm real happy with how this stuff turned out and cant wait to do more.  There is half the songs from the EP we did together on bandcamp. Go listen.

                                                                    Collectible Hives

Found Letters - Columns

The second record by Found Letters. This one falling more into drone/doom. Thanks to Steven Hunt for the beautiful second guitar on 'the calloused and bloody'.  Song with Hungry moths aslo (will post about soon). All the tracks are on souncloud to listen/dl.
Also look out for the new UNIVERSAL EXPORTS. Shit is soooo good.