NEW CAMERA//Tramp skating on xmas with brother

Living without the GoPro for several months has sucked.
No more.


A song for Unjee

Unjee aka U_U is a Canadian singer, whom I've been super into for a long time.
Here's a song with her singing.
check her out for sure.

Look - Listen

     "The rising sun will eventually set.
       A newborn's life will fade.
       From sun to moon, moon to sun...
       Give peaceful rest to the living dead."

Cloud Rat European Tour 2015 Photos

                                                                         view photos

New EP - Tribute to 'Tales of Phantasia'

super old footage

grunge as fuck

Cloud Rat - Qliphoth . Free Stream/DL. LP's/tapes available now.

New Sawtooth EP -

A Howling Iron Wolf - A new solo project

slow, sad, dark, low.
You probably won't like it.

NEWTOOTH - --- - ' SAY, "FUZZY PICKLES!" . VOL1 . An Earthbound Tribute '

B sides and Odd joints - A collection over the past 2 years

T◯Y ♢ CHES† - a collection of remixes and reworks

Changes for the Rat.

New Cloud Rat Full Length is almost done.  Plus we have a new member.  Here's some pictures.
Stoked to have good friend J.C recording our new record.  
Happy to have Brandon Hill with us from now on.

New sola song


Long awaited split with Detroit Homie and old friend ∆irjob.
VIA Young Heavy Souls


New project collaborates with good friend and talented fellow Andy Gibbs a.k.a CrimeWave for a serious 23 minute journey of a track.
The video is almost all Raw Footage taken this winter, of ice forming, ink exploring, and other experiments, shot inside a shed, in the -10 degree weather that is the Michigan Tundra.