oh yeah, i always meant to put this on here.
Steve and I are twins+bestest friends.
last summer-

Never Had a Friend Like Me! from Mike Hanson on Vimeo.

expect much more footage this summer...
that isn't so absurd...and to the soothing sounds of Robin Williams...

Puppie Post

My mother has the best dogs in the world. Get over-whelmed with cuteness.

We Just Want To Dream

Ive been home from the December Cloud Rat tour for over a month now. We have even done a weekend sense then. I have not done any of the things I set out to do on my return. I have not taken care of myself, I have not made my life better and obviously have not updated this compost pile underneath a rotting corpse of a blog either.

Still plan on posting stuff. Old recordings and photos and things. Don't have a computer right now, this is the first time I have touched one sense last post. That will change soon.

For whatever reason things always seem to fall apart on our return from tour. Maybe because cloud rat tours are so good and positive, and home can be, well, not that.
Things are coming around however.

Old Soul-...who are willing to draw close (part two of two) is nearly complete. which is good.

Cloud rat is recording as well. I just did about 17 drums tracks last night. ouch. I think it will be our best stuff yet.
I leave for old soul tour next month on the first, and cloud rat tour as soon as I get back. I guess its what ive always wanted. To be consumed with music.

well, I will go finish my bourbon with my chaser...of bourbon, and smoke my pipe as I look out into the ever blistering frost as it slams me in the face. Then fall asleep with my baby...
Dumpster Pizza

life aint so bad.

dug up some old pictures with friends...haha. Its good to remember you're not all alone from time to time. Even if it does feel that way, most of the time. so, Don't forget about the people that make you smile.