TBTMTB won a video contest for Indi.com
here is the video

here is the contest.

We will be doing shows soon, and the Tape release should be out soon via Suspended Soul

Goof off x Throw away - montages from summer

Mount P street

Mount P Rez Park

Portland, OR

Old Soul Europe Tour Video

Almost 2 months in Europe.

6 or so hours of footage...yeah, i know.

worth it.

Old Soul - Commotion over the Ocean

New Sola Vulpes (solo)

First new sola in a year or so.

Old Soul//Lentic Waters Split

Europe was amazing.
Here is our side of the split with the amazing Lentic Waters, be sure to check them out.
Several labels distro the LP, go get it,

Old Soul // Lentic Waters