A collab EP with best pal music brutha WATERMOUTH.
Track preview on SC. PEEP IT.                       L I S T E N 

check out watermouth on soundcloud.  tons of good shit. https://soundcloud.com/watermouth

six months sense last post. Here is stuff.

Well, fuck.  Where to start.

For some reason blogger took a shit for the last few months, and out of no where I thought I would log in and it worked!  So, I guess there is a lot of things happening, which I will try to address.

Old Soul is going to Europe in the summer, something around 45 shows.
Our split with Czech Republic's 'NIC' is recorded and we are really happy with it.
Currently working on our split with 'Lentic Waters'
Both should be ready before we go to Europe, coming out on several awesome labels.

Cloud Rat is writing, going well.  Planning to record in a few months.
Also have a (forever pushed back) split coming out soon as well.
West Coast tour with THOU...need I say more?
will post the dates sometime.

The Breath that Moves the Branches, has been recording all winter for a full length.
Really happy with how its turning out. Just a few things left to do.  Also, expect guest
spots from wonderful musicians from Recreant and Theyeattheirowngod.

ummmm what else.

tons of sawtooth stuff.
Collab with WATERMOUTH
EP split with AIRJOB
A more trip hop release, and a more hip hop style release.

soo, music is going and going and going, like always.
Im also moving soon, and opening my own studio.
will drop more info about that when i get it.

Things are okay.  I'm writing a book sort of, and trying to fall in love.  Trying to stay more connected to my siblings, be a better person, ect ect.

cue post attack.