music releases updated

old soul - nevins haus of muscle - new years

one of my favorite places ever. Nevin has done so much for old soul, and cloud rat. not just as bands, but as people.  We are all honored to know him, play with his bands, and call him our friend.
if you haven't, check out IFB and support that shit.

listen to tool again


Things are crazy, the scramble before Europe, the new Old Soul record.
Don't really know what to say.

Having a hard time keeping connected. I don't think many people read this, no one seems to answer phones these days.  End up spending a lot of time drawing (which reminds me, will post some new stuff soon), which is good.  It feels nice to do more art and feel a little more confident in my ability.  Writing a lot of guitar and stuff for the band I will be starting when we make the move to Muskegon. but mostly time spent alone, not all bad, but tends to wear on me.

I still can't help but feel like I never really see anyone other that my musicians(who luckily happen to be most of my best friends) and now after touring so much, theres so many people I wish I could stay in contact with.
so many things i feel like i miss out on, becuase everyone sent it to each other on the internet.

i cant believe im saying this.
but i might make a facebook...
fuck man

anyway. Going to do some photo posts in the next couple days.
till then.

" And I feel this coming over like a storm again"

"I am too connected to you to slip away, to fade away. Days away I still feel you touching me, changing me, and considerately killing me."