long time

no post.

I have been super busy lately, and no one really reads this, i think. I figured it was time to start putting some more stuff up. I have a lot...

as for new things, The Cloud Rat/Xtra vomit tape is going to be released as a 12 inch:) with a few more songs added. Its going really well, its really the most relaxed, stress free band Ive ever been a part of.

Also, Ive started playing guitar for Under Anchor, actually really happy to be a part of.

Quietus tour, along with the release of the album that has been collecting dust.

Old Soul will be doing an album...sometime. With a new guitar player by the name of jimmy(as if we weren't in enough bands together as it is. I'm in love with these songs.

Will be releasing some solo electronic stuff, beats and things, and a jam with HEB.

I'm very happy at the moment. Its a strange feeling for me. WILL be posting more stufffffffff sooooon.

fucking do something


  1. ya, you do that,
    you do that real good
    real good you do that
    that do you real good