Home from Old Soul's last tour - Euro tour SKATE edit.

Tour is over, band is done.  I'm "home" now, still feels weird that this is home.
Tour was crazy, really good, semi hard, mostly I just love my bandmates and will miss making music with them.
As always, I filmed a bunch, and there will be a tour video, 'Commotion Over the Ocean II'.
This time it wont be 6 hours long.  45mins tops.
So ive been just taking it easy, trying to combat the tour depression, in that time i've edited all the skate footage Nick and myself got while on tour, pretty impressed with how much we got.  Plus, having another skateboarder on tour basically made this the best tour I have ever been on.
Tour video coming soon.

New sawtooth album coming soon.
in the meantime, here's some kids playing with pieces of wood all over Europe.

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