Is this even home?

Returned home a couple days ago, thedowngoing came with us, so I had the pleasaure of showing them around my shithole town. With such attractions as, the local dive bars, the other bars, the woods, and of course Taco Boy.
oh and faygo

This place doesnt feel like home anymore, more like a home base, recovery station.
Though it is good to see the homies, even if most of them do kinda suck.

Anyway, the rest of tour was really good.  All good shows, memories, blahblah.  I dont feel like talking about this.

BUT, we did go to this little place called the CITY MUSEUM, St. Louis, MO.
Probably the greatest place ive been, in a long time, or ever. Check that shit out.
 I cant find a single picture to do it justice.  look some up.

so yeah, tour good. I will miss the aussies sooooo much.  I miss everyone.

5days home, then back to the grind with old soul.
We have our vinyl.  It looks super good.

                                                    Playing Muskegon, MI on christmas.
                                                              soon to be our new home...
Mt. Pleasant Dec. 26th.  Probably first real show sense the record store went out.  Fucking crazy.

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