The Road

Hello all.  I am posting from Phoenix, AZ right now.  Next to my sleeping band mates and our new Aussie brethren.  I think there is a week left or so of tour, home for a week, then leaving with old soul.  Hopefully i can avoid my almost always, home from tour depression.  

Tour has been radical, i don't even know where to start.
I have seen so many of our friends who are spread out all over the country on this trip.
False loves, thou homie, my best friend Colin Hodo, water torture of course.
Just so many great people.  Shows have been great too.
Chicago, fucking wild.

Canada was fucking killer, aside from the border holding us up for almost three hours.  At least they were concerned for our safety enough to pull us into a back room to go of the record and tell us, "the places you're playing while in Canada...are BASEMENTS! And im concerned for your safety, as a HUMAN BEING."  haha real shit, we had to explain punk rock to our pencil thin mustache, bullet proof vest, gumpy officer.  But really I can't wait to go back there, so beautiful  and the shows were so cool.

 Laundromat show...fuck yes...i hope some footage or photos show up on the nets soon.  Crossing into the US was way to easy.  I shouldn't have thrown away all my Granddaddy, but, what can you do right?

                                                                        It is what it is.

West coast was awesome, as expected.  Best friend time with Colin, couldn't be happier.  Forests, mountains, that place really does feel like it could be home.  Cali ended up being great, one of the best shows on tour in east LA. Mostly Latino scene, such a strong and fun and passionate community.  Its those places that keep you going, that make up for stuck up hipness at shows.

Had  day of in Vegas, of all places, actually didn't party as hard as i thought we would. Vegas is a lot more tame than i expected.  But i guess north Vegas, the old strip is where its at.

We have become so close with Muzz (andrew fuzzy muzzy murry) and Mathias (matt/absurdest crabbypants). But really, we love them so much, its made everything so much fun.  It really wouldnt is the best part about going on tour i think, just that, you can make such strong bonds with people, even from across the planet.  Bonds that don't use the internet or texts.  Bonds that will last forever, and memories to hold on to.

OH, also, ive been keeping a tour journal, i rather like it.
uhhh, sore

anyway, stoked for the next few dates, should be good.  Just hope no one gets in a fight, sick, or anything like that.  With all the extreme highs of this tour, there has been some pretty low points.
But its all worth it.
As silly as it sounds, we are following our dreams, our REAL dreams, and I wouldnt trade it for anything.

will post again on my return to the mitten.

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